About Us

With 35 years of leading treks and expeditions through Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, you are in good hands with Namaste Treks & Expedition for your next adventure!

Jangbu Sherpa 

Managing Director

With 36 years experience in leading treks and expeditions through Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, Jangbu can take you across the Himalayan terrain as few guides are able to on climbs through the Himalaya. Ranging from low-level treks and tours to the more demanding adventures in the most remote areas, you're in good hands with Jangbu who assures that you make the most of your holiday time.


The best in his field, Jangbu will take you on a tour through the Himalaya that will fulfill your every dream. With a blend of cultural and historic interest, coupled with spectacular scenery, he can provide a unique and challenging journey for your holiday.


Raised on the tales and reminiscences of our world famous relatives and born to adventure, we have all summitted Everest - not once but many times. Our itineraries are designed to meet the needs of all of our guests, carefully planned and adaptable to suit any requirement. whether you seek the peace and tranquility of this magnificent Shangri La, or desire a breathtaking whirlwind of athletic activity that defies the imagination, look no further: you have found it here with Namaste Trek - experience of a lifetime, guaranteed!

Steve Tickle 

North American Contact & Guide

Throughout life, you may happen upon those who literally cannot sit still. Steve is one of those unique individuals who consider adventure travel, exploring new destinations, and sharing a passion with others as basic necessities for life.

Steve has climbed and hiked all around the globe, including Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Switzerland, Nepal, Africa, Central America, and the United States. In his backyard of Washington, he's climbed all of the Northwest volcanoes, including more than 15 trips up Mount Rainier.

He's a skilled guide, leader and instructor, teaching countless courses on mountaineering, rock, and ice climbing. With his colorful palette of worldwide experiences, one place has become "home" to Steve -Nepal. Having traveled, trekked, and climbed through Nepal for the past 18 years, his love and respect for this remote and beautiful region has grown exponentially. The bonds and friendships built over the years with his family of Sherpas and villagers speak to the growing respect he has earned with each trip.